NewDawn Physiotherapy

Brand Conception

Name, Logo Design, Business Card Design
When Dawn Wilkinson split with her long-term business partner, she needed a new name and a strong identity for her physiotherapy practice. We used a play on her name and the sense of well-being associated with a new day, matched with a crowing rooster to project a positive and professional image.

NewDawn Logo

The brand identity flows through the business card design, letterhead, invoice and email signature to provide a consistency that reinforces the message of professionalism and integrity.

Letterhead & Business Card Designs

Website Design & Maintenance

WordPress site with Search-Engine Optimisation and Analytics
The website design continued with the clean lines and open, spacious feeling of the brand and easy navigation. The design is responsive and the design lends itself well to small screen sizes. Target keywords were identified and integrated into the copy to boost the ranking in organic searches.

NewDawn Website

Competitive Analysis

Setting pricing is, perhaps, the biggest problem facing small companies and evidence shows that under-pricing is extremely common. Small business owners tend to be more aware of their short-comings than their competitive advantages. They also fear that existing customers will leave if prices are increased.

Our analysis showed clearly that pricing could be increased significantly without damaging competitiveness. Revised pricing was introduced and supported by the customer base. The overall result was a significant improvement in profitability.

Marketing Campaigns

Posters, Leaflets, Email & Text Campaigns

Relocating a service business is always tricky, especially if you have been in the same place for 20 years. As NewDawn moved to a new Health Centre location we designed posters and leaflets for the new location and provided the foundations for a customer database. We backed this up with email and text-messaging campaigns to make sure the existing customer base came along too.

NewDawn Posters & Leaflets
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